Video Images © Jane Filer, all rights reserved  2015

"Jane Filer - Painting and Creativity"     
Video by Nick Beery
Jane Filer Solo Exhibition 
Tyndall Galleries April 20, 2012
Live Performance by "The Dancing Heads"
Music by Ann Arader   Video by Jason Dowdle
"Jane Filer - Being Art", by Alison Baker and Margaret Bissler, The Center for  Documentary Studies, Video Institute, Duke University, 
June  2012
Jane Filer The Ocean and the Woods Show 
Tyndall Galleries March 16, 2013
"The Fabulous Dancing Heads" Performance Art
Music by Jim Roberts and video by various 
"Friendly Folks"  RDU Airport Mural

"Dancing Heads"     2009

"Dancing Heads"     2007

Jane Filer - 2015 "Fabulous Dancing Heads" - Tyndall Galleries