Artist Statement:

My home is split between the ocean and the woods of North Carolina. I am visually stimulated by the natural beauty that surrounds me in both places. The relationship I have with nature and wildlife touches my heart in ways that expresses itself playfully and interactively in my paintings. I feel close to the earth. Ten years of my early creative development was spent living in a camper in the woods. This lifestyle taught me what it is to feel wild and notice details in nature. In my paintings are qualities of other dimensions and other worlds. These worlds exist side by side with the one we humans
are most familiar with. The episodes depicted in my paintings feel more real to me than ordinarily perceived “reality”. They bridge the gap between experience and emotion.  I create a fantastical story.
Jane Filer

Published Artwork:
EPOCH Magazine   251 Goldwin Smith Hall   Cornell University   Ithaca, NY  cover art 2013
The Boy Yogi, by Germaine Grey, 2005
La Voz Del Pueblo, monthly Spanish newspaper, 1999 through 1995, Chapel Hill, NC
Treasure Diary for Creative Affluence, 16 illustrations, written by Adrienne Laris for  the International Institute of Trading Mastery, Raleigh, NC

The Sun Magazine, artwork published in 1989, 1990, and 1993, an essay by J. Krishnamurti, Chapel Hill, NC 
Endeavers Magazine, UNC quarterly publication, 1992 through 1996, Chapel Hill, NC
The Prism, monthly newspaper, political illustratiions, 1990 and 1991
The Que, three illustrations, 1990, weekly periodical

ArtsSchool catalog covers, spring and fall 1990, winter 1992, summer and fall 1996
Art Police, featured in three issues, 1988-1989, Minneapolis, MN
Principals of Visual Perception, by Carolyn Bloomer, Design Press, 1989, New YorkCity, NY
Copy Art Quarterly, six illustrations, Bock Island, RT
The Cellar Door, cover design, UNC, 1985, Chapel Hill, NC

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